Kids instruments workshop


Bridget Cousins (full disclosure – my wonderful mum), and Chris Aziz created a musical instruments workshop with the children from the island. Whilst there are limited photo’s as it’s hard to document and work with 60 kids at once, her insights can be found below.

We planned to offer a variety of instruments but in the end, shakers proved the easiest to make and most popular.

These were made by cutting plastic bottles in half, putting in beans, then applying a lid to the container to allow it to be shaken. The children then decorated their shakers with paint and paper cutouts. As the workshop went on, the girls showed themselves to be particularly creative and the shakers evolved handles to hang them by – this then gave them the idea of making little handbags out of the containers, with a lid and a strap.

This idea could be developed further . With a little more preparation (the workshop took place on the day I arrived!) and planning (now I know what to expect) I’m confident a future workshop could produce some durable items that would give a lot of pleasure, and possibly be developed for sale as craft items.

The children enjoyed themselves immensely, at one stage bursting into spontaneous song – to my surprise “Frere jaques’ and ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain’ (these are well known on the island from tourists – Jay) as well as local ditties. I taught them a couple of other simple songs, and next time I think the Hokey Cokey would be in order…the children stayed for hours until they were, literally, shooed out of the community centre by one of the dads.

Its clear they really enjoy an opportunity like this to be involved in a group creative activity involving a great deal of freedom.

The above activity took place as a part of Felucca Festival 2: A Marriage of Makers


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