WOOFing with Waleed

waleedfarm The desire to get back to the land and to do good honest manual labour was strong at the festival, not only were many people working on Waleed’s farm everyday, milking cows, digging up the weeds and flooding the fields, but they are now working to set up a WOOFing page on the nubialin site to further enable and encourage others to come and visit. A farmers life here is hard work, but sharing the burden with those who are thankful for the opportunity to get back to the soil helps both with the physical labour and increases the social opportunities for the farmer to exchange ideas. It will also bring further business to the hostel and the island. This activity took place as a part of Felucca Festival 2: A Marriage of Makers


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Serial Entrepreneur and Dragons Den Survivor now concerning himself with using web and mobile technologies to empower society and encourage real world interactions.

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