nubialin: A cocreated hub for coliving and coworking

As discussions for the first felucca festival were underway, the seeds were planted for a hostel and living space. This vision arose in the overlaps between the visions of our island collaborators, and the dreams I had in the summer in Berlin.


But how to start, and how to begin without money, budgets or funds?

As with everything, we began with a story (and a tight time schedule). With some photo’s from the felucca festival, a a google form and some sharing on social media we now have enough potential founding residents to start the project (24 applicants, spanning 4 months – we only need 6 a month).

These founding residents are mostly young Egyptians keen to build something new, who’ve dreamed of world music festivals, eco lodges, social businesses, or have interesting projects they want to work on in peace.

They’re willing to pay for it.

The price will include covering the costs of our Social Librarians, who having identified this role for themselves are now engaging in the task of mapping out the skills and resources of the island, so the island can better help itself.

The idea of the Social Librarians, is an idea explored in most Hubs. What is interesting about their application is they are applying it to the surrounding community as well as to the Hub. This creates a more integrated partnership between the space and the island.

By applying the same thinking and questioning to our applicants, reveals many exciting ideas and opportunities for sharing, learning and cocreation. See below for a breakdown.

Financial contribution expectations range from 1000 LE – £400, with most being around 2000 -3000 EGP. These contributions should be enough to provide a stable income for the space, and as the project grows additional profits can be reinvested in community projects.

Below is a breakdown of what the applicants would like to do and offer. It makes inspiring reading. It will be a privilege to provide these people with the opportunities to prototype their dreams.

What would you like to create at Nubialin?

A safe space for all minorities, a system to educate people about equality, intersectionality and to ensure it does not become yet another utopia in the hands of a majority of white men. For that reason I would like to work with youth in education. social space for people,buildings and houses

World music project

social business

bringing the idea of mini-medina to the place, nurture and grow it together with children and adults

Tangible: A dwelling that only uses available resources, that heats and cools itself naturally, achieved through the thickness of the walls, the angle it stands to the sun, and the resources we have at hand.

1. Architecture, landscape, furniture & decoration design with locally available materials. 2. recycling waste materials into artworks or useful objects for the place. 3. designing & building needed spaces with locally available materials. 4. Jewelry design from available materials: stones, beads, metal wires, ceramics, plastics…etc. 5. Candles & lighting design from available materials for decorating the place

developing the handicraft business with the women in nuba

web development, farming

it’s own power source , from renewable resources.

Educational programs and activities

helping with physical labor if/ when needed.

organic farming following permaculture ideals

Educational programs and activities, helping with physical labor if/ when needed.

A small hotel a sustainable source of food, learning workshops for all ages farming, teaching, creating activities for the older generation I can’t say yet.

Farmers cooperatives

A place to relax..

art school Social business i would like to do something that revolves around an art retreat in the area

Working on a short movie called “As we are?” that i started 2 years ago on board of ship with 350 participant from 13 different countries. The main idea is to know how we act when we have the atmosphere of being ourselves, Do we act as we are, or we just trying ti adapt and to fit ourselves in this environment just because we have to?! By the way all what i have in my hand from this project is a prototype which is the first version that i did before, i mean now i lost my professional camera and if i would be with you i have to rely on someone else to shot it and to engage more people with me, so it would be our project not my project any more.

I would like to design a space where people can sit together and interact, I’m a graphic designer and a visual artist so I’d like to also create a suitable identity for Nubialin, so it would be more presentable and appealing to the audience.

What could you teach or contribute to the Island?

I would like to teach how to build a business plan

Teach forming community cooperatives practicality and interest

Alternative education, for children and adults. In addition to what I’ve mentioned above, I could teach children origami and artworks, teach Arabic, English and German to local women & kids, do meditation & yoga sessions. Most of my work has been the realm of alternative education.

Product development which handicrafts are demanded, pricing, marketing etc. so that they can sell their products themselves; also would like to work on the farm there for a few days see above – bringing experience in hosting a shared space, in addition to prototyping inclusion of young ones in whatever will be happening

I am not entirely sure what I could bring. Energy, graciousness, for sure. I probably need this experience more than it needs me but that doesn´t mean I won´t contribute something great. I work hard and I laugh big. I also know a lot about food and water security, so I could share information on those environmental topics.

Horticultural skills, science and maths teaching – relating it to local environment and body, cooking architecture I can help kids learn all sorts of awesome stuff, basic accounting and bookkeeping, great conversations about life and literature, I am an expert in logistics, events organizations and communication.

As well as community based work. teach handicrafts and contribute to farming setup

Programming, Robotics, Farming discussing books I could teach children environmental science. Help in farming.

Use my videomaking skills in something useful 🙂

Branding & marketing ideas I could teach kids some art and craft ideas.

As a mechanical power eng. I could contribute at build the sustainable power sources of the island . Using renewable energy resources. art , English language

Let’s call it life skills, and i can contribute with sharing smiles, stories, engaging and learning how to learn! english,


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Serial Entrepreneur and Dragons Den Survivor now concerning himself with using web and mobile technologies to empower society and encourage real world interactions.

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