Ethio-German-Konnect 2013

Members of the ice network again participated in this years’ edition of Ethio-German Konnect (EGK) in Addis Ababa. EGK is an annual networking event organized by the Center for International Migration and Development (CIM) to exploit potentials for cooperation between Ethiopia and Germany. This year, an additional focus lay on pan-african trade, education and innovation icluding an exciting mix of African tech-hubs, trade organizations, diaspora networks and local start-ups.

Against the backdrop of recent headlines like: Africa rising! and Africa: Reversed Exodus! That mark economic prospects of Africa, as well as the growing number of Diaspora members that see a hopeful future in their home countries, EGK13 has inquired into possibilities to connect Diaspora engagement with Pan African networks. The Pan African idea encourages Africans worldwide to collaborate in efforts that will bring development to the continent. Hence, the Pan African thought includes Africans that live in the Diaspora. It is based on the belief that unity is vital to economic, social, and political progress. It unifies efforts to develop the continent and consequently promotes African integration. The past Ethio-German Konnect events have concentrated on Ethio-German collaborations, where EGK13 has transcended these boundaries by focusing on pan-african trade, education and innovation.

Thinking about mobility of people and goods in Africa, the potentials are not always evident. Not all African countries are following Uganda’s exemplary immigration policy, neither has the issue of free trade seen significant improvements in the past decades. Nevertheless, in light of technological developments some borders can be crossed virtually and some initiatives mark a new approach to African integration and they should be discussed.

You can find all slides and workshop documentations here.

Looking forward to next years’ EGK!


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