africa re:load 2013 documentation out now

Our annual icebauhaus conference africa re:load took place for the third time in Weimar in July of 2013. This time we had three exciting and productive workshop days with around 100 participants from many different countries. You are invited to leaf through the virtual copy of our printed documentation booklet.

This year’s event, themed “transition”, emphasized the creative potentials provided to those individuals and societies who find themselves in a state of passage. The workshop format was designed to allow a closer look at such transitory processes within three parallel main tracks, each of them focused around finding answers to different sets of guiding questions: transmit dealt with changes in educational systems and institutions, concepts of professional development and emerging informal learning environments, transform looked at the development of African urban centers, rapidly growing from traditionally rooted rural settlements into internationally networked mega-cities, while transcend reflected upon migrants’ potential role as accelerators of innovation due to their transitory position between cultural spheres and geographic contexts.


About society2point0

Serial Entrepreneur and Dragons Den Survivor now concerning himself with using web and mobile technologies to empower society and encourage real world interactions.

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